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Jacob Hetherington Takes Two Medals at World Shoot

Jacob Hetherington attended the 2014 IPSC World Shoot in Florida as a member of the USA Team. Jacob did a fantastic job of representing our country as he competed against the best Junior Production shooters from around the world for individual and team honors. I was thrilled that Jacob took time out of his very busy schedule to put together a recap of his incredible experience with a few photos and his story of the match for us. Thanks Jacob and congratulations from all of us at Prescott Action Shooters on your accomplishments!

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Jacob says....

Representing the USA Junior Production Team at World Shoot XVII has definitely been the highlight of my shooting career so far. It was an honor to march in the open ceremony parade with 1,400 top shooters in the world representing 88 countries. Being part of this event, from the opening ceremony to the closing ceremony, was amazing. The opening ceremony began with a Parade of Nations where we all walked a mile to Lake Mirror. Each country carried their flag and walked with several bands from the local area in Florida. As each country took their seats in the stands, an amazing waterskiing show on the lake was being shown. Several dignitaries spoke, including the IPSC President. The match consisted of 30 stages in 5 days. The first day, the World Shoot hype got to me and I ended up the day 70 points below the top junior. Each day after that, my shooting improved greatly and I finished just 1.7 points behind the seasoned world shoot junior from Russia, Pavel Torgashov. I am very proud of my shooting and am happy to say that I am the second best junior production shooter in the world. I am also the 28th best production shooter in the world. There were a total of 387 production competitors, so I feel great about my match. The other 3 members of the USA Junior Team shot great too and as a team we won gold! Jason Katz, Seth Klagg, and Sonny Morton were my other team members and together we beat out the Russian juniors and the South Africans. It was the first World Shoot for all 4 of us! The closing ceremony was awesome. It started with a dinner with 1,400 of my new friends and their families, there was a cowboy show with ropes and trick revolver moves ,and it ended with the awards. It was really like the Olympics. They called up the bronze, silver, and gold winners and gave out the medals and trophies. Then they played the National Anthem of the country who won gold. When I went up for my silver medal and when my team went up for gold, I was so incredibly honored to have represented the United States of America.


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• There is no restriction on the time of day you may use the range.
• The speed limit on the dirt road to our facility is 15 MPH. It's one lane in and out.
• No incendiary, tracer or explosive ammunition allowed at any time.
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